Blockspace is very pleased to host a social media awareness workshop in collaboration with Miss Nor Zabetha Mohd Nor from Mssrs.Nor Zabetha Chinna & Co. Our goal is to educate the social media users on online defamation, since cases linked to defamation increase day by day.

In this workshop, Miss Zabetha shared detailed definition of defamation, the effects of an issue that goes viral, how serious a simple news statement can affects one’s reputation, and how much can you get from a legal act on a defendant. We also get to study few interesting defamation cases involving famous celebrities and politicians. Did you know, in one case, a student was ordered by court to pay damages worth RM1 million to her teacher?

Wait, before we proceed to take any legal action on the person who made false statements about us, check these three elements:
1. The violator made a verbal or written false statement about the victim.
2. The statement was delivered to the third party
3. Loss or damage caused by the false statement

Our audience was very pleased with the input they get from Miss Zabetha. Her presentation was very relaxed and easy for the audience to understand. Before the workshop ends, they shared their own experiences in Q&A session and Miss Zabetha gladly advised them. It was a full house workshop, and all 30 tickets were sold out! Audience also demanded for more workshops on social media in the future which we love to organize!

Next week we are having a digital marketing workshop! Follow our social media for latest info.