Our speakers Mr. Syed Huzaifah who masters in building brands online and Mr. Mohd Ibrahim who specializes in social media sales funnel completed each other’s knowledge and bringing fresh ideas for our workshop participants.

When all we can think about a brand is a LOGO, Mr. Syed Huzaifah explained more. Brand is what people feel about us. In this workshop he showed how we can maximize online marketing tools such as Google Trends. When our brand repeatedly shown in proper way that makes audience feel the emotion, they will grow fond of it. That is how strong brands acquire followers!

There are many tricks that can maximize our presence on Facebook. FBAds for instance, is one of them. But for some, making ads on social media can be costly and confusing. So, En. Mohd Ibrahim gave us these tips:
1. Don’t use words that can make Facebook ban your ads
2. Don’t use photos that show too much skin
3. Use Facebook profile merge
4. Use more video contents!
5. Always soft sell!

Our attendees found both speakers very helpful in giving them ideas to increase their business’ online presence, as they excitedly throwing questions. We hope this first workshop on digital marketing techniques benefits everyone!

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