Let us admit that online business is not just a trend, it is already a necessity. People demand more convenient shopping experience with lower cost. Instead of spending a time, fuel and energy to the malls, why not just buy things online? We can find almost everything sold on the Internet, from gadgets to groceries.

As technology advanced, so does online crimes. Laws made mostly to protect buyers, as many has reported scams and frauds. One of the viral case was receiving a block of brick after purchasing an iPhone. That’s why online sellers must go on an extended measure to ensure their business are trustable and trustworthy.

Are you starting an online business? This is the tips given by Miss Zabetha:

1. Register a company

2. Show business details on social media platform (Company name, address, contact numbers etc.)

3. The right description and photos of products or services

4. Make sure the products are not fake

5. Use bank account registered under company’s name, not personal bank account

Most of our attendees in this workshop are business owner and they are very happy to learn laws that abide their daily businesses.

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